Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tips for success

OMG so this is it the last blog for the last day of this class. It has been a great ride and I'm so glad that Angela was my professor. This blog is for her future students and all I can tell you guys is you will have a lot of fun and to head the following tips I'm about to provide. Ok first remember to always do your blog log I know you guys think oh I won't forget but trust me the days go by and then you realize shoot its sunday the last day to turn in a blog, second tip be interactive in the class all I can say is that it will make the class go by much faster and you will enjoy it a lot more, my last step is remember if you ever ever ever have any problems issues trouble or if you need someone to talk to never be afraid to contact angela weather it be by email, aim, visit to the office, or by chance phonecall cause she will be willing to help cause she is that awesome. Well thats it and remember my three tips and you will do fine and have fun while doing it.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Hey all so today is another freebie post I'm relieved cause I need to have an outlet to vent and this is the best way possible. Now I know we are suppose to be creative with this topic but I think making you think when you read this should be suffice lol. So basically I was at work all night last night and I got into this long discussion with this english major. Now basically what started out as a simple opinion or interjection turn into, in her opinion, an attack on her character. I simply stated that I believe sometimes english majors from my experience with the few I know tend to read way into deep into a story or work of literature when maybe the arthur didn't intend for their writing to have that deep of a meaning. She started saying that all writings big or small poems to epic stories have deep meaning that no arthur just happen by chance to write a story and that its impossible for a great story to be concieved from the idea they just wanted to make a great readable story she believes that each person literally sits down and thinks about how everything they write has to be alluded or referencing something like the *SPOILER ALERT* ending of harry potter and how he technically dies and comes back to life and how in her opinion that she wrote it that way because she wanted to relate harry to christ and so she wanted to add a resurrection scene in her story for that simple reason. So if yall have any opinions or reservations dealing with this topic especially if you are an English major please a comment cause it would be for an enlightening experience to read what others think involving this topic.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Job Ain't Easy and Who Said It Would Be

So I found the article kind of interesting because I have never heard of an employer present an available job in that light. I can see why they would do that because in the major of being a pre-vet you are constantly reminded of how the job can be non glamorous and how you have to work at dirt poor money and how difficult it is to get to an upstanding position in the company. Now the thing is that even though you get much longer lasting employees at the company you can't really say that its all dued to having presented the job in an undesireable light. The thing is that if all my past jobs told me all the bad things that would happen to be I would of course not take the job but at the same time I would never have developed the character of a hard worker or learned how to handle difficult situation. Basically I feel that by deterring certain workers then they are depriving those workers of valuable life and work experience.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Haunted Houses

Halloween is closing in and I'm soooo excited. Today I'm going to a haunted house actually a haunted woods soooooo freaking excited beyond belief. My friend is gonna pick me up at around seven and then we are going to head to easley I think the thing is called Haunted Woods. Ooooh another thing that I'm excited about is I get to freak out my friend with my new cut and color of my hair. It is so different what I usually do but I feel it represent my personality better. I might actually stop trying to find a different hairstyle and stick with this one. Lastly I got my blue hair dye and my costume..... oh goodness Halloween has to be one of my top favorite holidays. Well thats it I might post pictures of me and my friends in our costumes later when we have another free blog topic week.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


So my mock interview last week was exciting and scary all at once. It was exciting for the fact that I've never had an interview before and even though this one was a mock interview it was still fun to experience it and how it would be like now moving on I was also very scared and nervous because I don't know how it would go and what to expect.
Now what I learned from my experience with this mock interview is that I need to work on my speaking skills because I tend to go on and on and never really quite get to the point in a concise manner lol. Which is the same problem I had on my application letter because I had a lot of run on sentences.
Now the one thing I wish I had done differently was to bring in more of my designs that had color to them to show the dimensions of my designs that is my only dissapointment I had fromt he interview.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Ok so I completely flubbed on this week's blogged I did this weeks for last week whoops lol. Anywho I have to do last week for this week so if this topic I'm talking about sounds old I apologize hahaha. Well I would like to touch on the topic of new music especially a new greatest hits cd that came out that belongs to one of my favorite musical artist and her name is Natalie Imbruglia. I was so disappointed at first to find out that she won't be releasing her 4th album till 2008 but when I found out that she will be releasing a greatest hits cd that will include four new tracks I believe that should tie me over till then. Her newest single for this cd is Glorious and as the title states it is absolutely glorious. Great upbeat beats and fun lyrics to sing along to. Another plus with this cd is that includes a bonus dvd which includes all her music videos from torn to shiver. The one downside is that I have to buy an import since it technically isn't released in the USA. Overall I would say it is a must have if you are an Imbruglia fan and in my opinion it is worth the extra bucks that import cds usually cost.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I think one of the presentations I will remember the most would be the one Quiesha did simply for the fact that I love Amy Winehouse. I think she really did well on the design and the layout of her powerpoint along with great visuals such as the pictures she chosen. The one thing I remember about her powerpoint was her title page where she used her own artwork which made it funky, ecletic and cool.